Welsh Adventure Weekend 9 / Sweet Lamb Rally Sprint Race

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Thread: Welsh Adventure Weekend 9 / Sweet Lamb Rally Sprint Race

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    Welsh Adventure Weekend 9 / Sweet Lamb Rally Sprint Race

    After getting the go ahead from Moly the date for the next weekend will be Friday 12th August (5pm) to Sunday 14th August.

    so your signing up for 13/14th August.

    this first post will be regularly updated so you don't need to read through the rest............

    Friday Eve 12th August - drink your own beer and join our BBQ at the world famous Sweet Lamb Rally Complex...mountain lambs are sweeter!!
    Saturday trail ride in two groups of 8/10 round the stunning mountains of Mid Wales with some optional challenges all for the craic for those that are up for it.

    Sunday Sprint Race 14th August
    around the Sweet Lamb Rally Stage. moly will decide on the route but expect approx 8 mile lap with a sighting lap to begin with.

    Sprint Race £50
    two nights in the bunkhouse (30/night) less £10 discount if we get 15 riders.
    food for the whole weekend £40

    TOTAL £140

    we have decided to have a BBQ both nights, the cost for food all weekend will be £40 if we under spend on that slightly it can go in the Welsh Air Ambulance pot.....if we over spend slightly then we may ask for a extra 'chip in', because at the end of the day Moly does not deserve to be out of pocket...

    this is to cover:
    Friday Night and Saturday night BBQ - mix of burgers, bangers, chicken drumsticks, some jacket spuds, breadrolls and some salad (dodgers) etc
    Saturday & Sunday morning bacon or sausage and egg sandwich
    Saturday & Sunday lunchtime sandwiches / crisps / small chocolate bar
    snacks as and when - nuts
    tea / coffee as and when you like all weekend.

    so it's a saving on last time as between 18 of us we spent well over £500 in the pub on Saturday night alone that's 30+ quid per head...

    you have to bring your own Beer etc.....

    optional donation to Welsh Air Ambulance at your discretion (but one day you may need them....)

    the prize for the winner is a free full weekends training at sweet lamb adventure bike academy at one of the advanced week ends ,all costs found .........
    also if there is enough puddle jumpers we will split the awards for twins and single

    to sign up send me a private message to state your definitely coming.

    In two weeks time you will pay Moly Directly for the Sprint Race, Accommodation (Max 16 No) and 'chip in' towards the food (so full weekend cost to Moly of £140). clearly if you van it/camp etc then deduct the bunkhouse cost of £50.

    other things that will cost you over the weekend are:
    Decent Rally tyres
    Beer (bring your own)

    the craic is mighty on these weekends and once you've been to one you will want to come again.

    there is no limit on numbers only accommodation at the bunkhouse (max 16), you can of course kip in your van or bring a tent (hard pack gravel ground) or try and find space and sleep on the floor in the garage etc - just state this when you PM me and I will add you to the list below.

    It's open to all abilities we had a few last weekend that had never been off road and they did great - there's plenty of people around to give you advice / help you pick up/repair your bike up etc. The Sunday sprint is marshaled by travelling marshals and run very professionally by Moly, so you have nothing to worry about - just go at your own pace. no one will remember how quick everyone is, but they will remember if you helped them out or knocked them off!!

    oh and finally it's not restricted to KTM bikes so if your mate wants to rock up on anything else ideally +650cc just let me know, it's fine.

    that's enough from me.......


    runners and Riders:
    1 Beer (b/h 1)
    2 colsktm van (paid full weekend)
    3 Frog (bunkhouse 2) (paid full weekend_
    4 Rob SK (bunkhouse 3) paid full weekend
    5 Stupot (bunkhouse 4) paid
    6 Justdug (bunkhouse 5) (Paid full weekend)
    7 Gordo - (bunkhouse 6) paid everything except sprint race - travelling marshal
    8 Posties mate from the Ryedale
    9 dozerman (bunkhouse 7) (paid full weekend)
    10 MultiDoc (bunkhouse 8) (in Greece busy selling his body for payment)
    11 Postie van (paid in used sheckles / 10s penalty)
    12 SkyGod (bunkhouse 9) paid full weekend
    13 Funfly123 (bunkhouse 10) Paid
    14 Ailos (bunkhouse 11) paid full weekend
    15 ACP (bunkhouse 12) paid full weekend
    16 Wonkyconk (Van) (Paid full weekend)
    17 Anton (Big Kuris mate / Van) paid
    18 MadMostin (bunkhouse 13)
    19 Chris (Big Kuris mate) paid
    20 Mad Mostins mate

    not heard yet from:
    Guy Martin (aka Ian)

    paid no shows - Big Kuri and Multidoc

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    i.m still aching from the last fooker...

    struggling with dates as on Holibobs...September dates sounds good
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    I could be up for this, I'll ask a couple of mates as well
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    I might be interested too
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    Scratching 'that' itch...

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    I'm not sure I'll have finished clubbing in Ibiza by then............this is a lot harder than anything in Wales
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    I am in
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    I've got a CCM week of offroad and supermoto-ing based at Rhayader that week, so will ask if any of the 600/650s want to play on sunday as thats the last day
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    PM for details

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    Yes please Nick
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    I find full throttle either resolves the problem or removes the suspense.......

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    Ok pm sent
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    Sounds good boyo - count me in!
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