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  • Pyndon does Dakar !

    The name Pyndon might not mean a lot to members here unless they follow the Big Bike Rally series or ride one of the big KTM Adventure models.

    Pyndon (or Lyndon Poskitt to use his 'real' name) has a well deserved reputation for knowing his way around the 950/990 KTM models and also how to use them - just search 'Pyndon' on Youtube to see him in action.

    Lyndon is busy planning his attack on what is probably the toughest race in the world when he tackles the 2013 Dakar Rally. You can follow his preparations here :

    And his promotional video is well worth a watch as well

    The costs of doing the Dakar as a self funded privateer are horrific ! If anyone wants to support Lyndon details of how you can help are on his website. All and any help will be greatly appreciated !
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