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  • Blogs, Blogging... What is Blogging?

    The site now has a blogs section.

    Members now have the ability to write personal blogs in this section. Blogs can contain absolutely anything for example a daily report from a trip you are taking, A description of a service you are performing on your motorbike etc.

    The blog section is also intended to offer a bit more freedom than the forum, where predominantly KTM and motorbike discussions take place. So if you really really have to talk about how much you love X-Factor, then I guess your personal blog space is the place to do it. Saying this though the blog section still has the basic rules of common sense when it comes to content. i.e. racism and gross misbehaviour will is not acceptable. The Forum section of this site will then hopefully maintain a more motorcycle orientated focus

    The blog section is a feature offered to subscribing members only, however all other users can view blogs and post comments on them.


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