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  • Searching the Forum

    Over the last five years, the forum has collected a large amount of incredibly useful threads and posts.

    If you have a question that you wish to ask, chances are it has come up before so it is often a good idea to try the search facilities first.

    Finding information that is stored in the forum can be done in two ways.

    1. The forum search facilties, allowing you to search forum wide, per section and per thread.

    2. The Google custom search which is visible below the advert banner. This custom search can be used both to search the forum and to search the internet.

    The forum's built in search facility is good and has options like restricting to a certain member, or date and a few other specific conditions. To ensure good and fast results, this search is limited to 4 letter words and up

    In some cases, when you are unsatisfied with the forum search results, the Google custom search can be better for you i.e. a 3 letter search such as "SMR"
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    Is this for real ?

    Well...if you're prepared to hold out for the right price for you then fair enough but as I least give it a clean!

    Sent from my

    Comfysofa Today, 16:06 Go to last post

    Leaky clutch lever

    If your master seal is gone, you need a replacement piston kit which is about £30 for oem. If you've not got them, try and borrow snap ring pliers for

    ktm808 Today, 16:03 Go to last post

    Power band not working

    aye because they are all fucking gaylords driving fucking diesels!

    fozzy17 Today, 15:58 Go to last post

    Is this for real ?

    There is not another one of these out there like this. I’m not prepared to just give it away and will consider sensible offers but I know what I want

    fozzy17 Today, 15:57 Go to last post

    Power band not working

    Hi, nobody asks about power bands on here anymore lol!!!!!!!!!!!!. Take off the left hand inspection cover (2 x 6mm bolts) on the cylinder and rev the

    ktm808 Today, 15:57 Go to last post
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