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    by Published on 16-01-2010 17:06

    Hello and welcome to the 2010 upgrade of the UK KTM Forum.

    The site has been running since 2005 and has been growing well ever since. This forum is a great community of individuals all with a common interest in KTM motorcycles. There is a wealth of knowledge and support here, so enjoy it !

    There are many new features in this new forum. Have a read through the other articles in this section to get a better idea of them.

    Site Owner

    Seth Cousin
    by Published on 16-01-2010 17:35

    Should I register on this forum?

    There are three ways for you to enjoy this site:

    1) As a guest (a lurker)

    2) As a registered user - To register, click "Register" in the top left hand corner of the screen and complete the registration process.

    3) As a full subscribing member ...
    by Published on 16-01-2010 17:36
    Article Preview

    There are some great discounts available to registered members. Once you register you will see a new link at the top of the page as shown ...
    by Published on 26-01-2010 09:08

    Over the last five years, the forum has collected a large amount of incredibly useful threads and posts.

    If you have a question that you wish to ask, chances are it has come up before ...
    by Published on 16-01-2010 22:28

    The site now has a blogs section.

    Members now have the ability to write personal blogs in this section. Blogs can contain absolutely anything for example a daily report ...
    by Published on 16-01-2010 20:40

    A common question comes up about how to add pictures to your posts. There are 2 ways to do this:

    1. One of the features of paid forum membership is direct picture posting
    2. Upload pictures to a hosting site and ...
    by Published on 16-01-2010 18:02

    A signature is some text and/or picture that is automatically attached to the bottom of all your forum posts. This guide will show you how to set yours up.

    This is what your post will look like without any signature

    1. Click on ...

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    If your master seal is gone, you need a replacement piston kit which is about £30 for oem. If you've not got them, try and borrow snap ring pliers for

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    Power band not working

    aye because they are all fucking gaylords driving fucking diesels!

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    There is not another one of these out there like this. I’m not prepared to just give it away and will consider sensible offers but I know what I want

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    Power band not working

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    Power band not working

    mate everyone on here is a cunt, suck it in and give it back

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