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    Quote Originally Posted by SiShaw View Post
    I don't wish to make the situation with Chris any more of a public conversation, but I can confirm that when I arrived, which would have been around 20mins after he crashed, there were only spectators with him, and no one with any first aid training. This is what I personally witnessed and I found it very troubling.

    The point around machine examination doesn't seem to make sense. Whilst it is down to the individual to make sure that their own machine is capable of doing the race, it is down to the organisers to make sure that a machine is safe for the others around. This happens in every single other race that you do, it takes seconds per machine. The ORPA guidelines are below for reference. Many of there are to make it as safe as possible if someone was to hit someone else (eg balls on brake levers, folding pegs, etc). Any top end race will do this...

    6.6 MACHINES

    1. All machines must be equipped with a silencer to the required standard. Road legal where roadwork is involved in the event. Motocross levels at club’s discretion where road work isn’t involved.94 decibels now.

    2. Where road work is involved, machines must be completely street legal.

    3. Ball end handlebar levers must be in good condition.

    4. Footrests must be round ended and folding.

    5. All bearings must be in good condition.

    6. No play in either forks or rear suspension.

    7. Spokes should be tight.

    8. Tyres must not be ripped or canvas showing.

    9. There must be no unprotected metalwork beyond the rear mudguard.

    10. Silencers must not protrude beyond the rear mudguard.

    11. Brakes must work efficiently.

    12. Throttle must be self-returning.

    13. Numbers must be clear.

    @pindie - it makes some interesting references to track layout around the start too...
    ORPA | Off Road Promoters Association
    Thanks for this. I will liaise with our Race Officials and double-check. Appreciate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valleys Xtreme View Post

    Bike checking on this event only involved us having to check you had the correct bike number for our timing system. Details will follow to describe to riders how this works. (on website by end of this week). Making sure the bike is event capable would be ultimately your responsibility, unless we saw something untoward

    Health and safety of riders, spectators, and race officials will always be paramount
    Contradiction there VX.
    " Bike checking "as you call it or more accurately Scrutineering should be carried out solely for safety reasons,thats the safety of the rider, other competitors and spectators ,never to check whether the machine will make it around the course.

    edit: just saw sishaws post.pretty much sums my thoughts up.
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