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Thread: 690 enduro r mods

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    690 enduro r mods

    Picked up my 690 enduro r last week, it's a 2010 model.
    I have fitted an Akra can, removed the rear footpegs, but can anyone offer me any other good mods to get the bike trail and rally ready??
    Iv'e also sswapped the tyres for AC10's.
    I've adjusted the steering lock bolts as much as I dare, but is there anyway I can get more lock out of it, or is it now a case of spinning the back end around the tight stuff?

    Love N Hugs Coops

    It only has 65miles on the clock and the map select switch is set to 0 is this for running it in, or has the previous owner never adjusted it?

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    The map settings are in the manual ,i think 0 is for poor fuel ,1 is offroad , 2 standard , 3 full power dont worry about the rest ,there is a humungous thread on adv rider all about these bikes ,but they do go a bit far with the mods ( Americans) ,basically get a good aluminium bashplate and handguards ,fit some proper tyres as the AC10 are useless ,and have some fun ,do some mileage to get the feel of the bike before spending huge amounts on bits .

    You have had the acro mapping done after fitting the can i presume ?
    06 KTM 400 exc
    05 KTM 950 adv

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    Remove top rad cowl bolts,drill hole & cable tie on.Why, when ya bin bike off road.Bolt rips insert out of rad.Pack cooling fan cowl top bolt out with 6mm washer,silicone couple of sides .This prevents,Cowl chafing into rad.1 tooth less on front sprocket.Then ,ride it.

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    You can use plastic number plate screws on the rad louvres instead of cable ties.
    The rear master cylinder is vulnerable. I made an extension and had a mate weld it on to the aluminium KTM bashplate, block of closed cell foam at the end to absorb any impacts. I also angled it up slightly.

    I've also fitted the Rally-Raid upgraded uppper & lower tank bushings plus cable tied a length of 12mm bore fuel injection pipe around the Akra to help prevent damage if dropped. Also bought but not yet fitted Kriega fork seal savers and the Rally-Raid thermostat that comes on at 85 instead of 105 degrees.

    T/Tech pannier frames are the best I've seen, bought a set but will modify them to take Wolfman luggage before using them. I'm also looking in to mounting a Tooltube on the right to match the lines of the silencer.

    The stock rear brake pedal is weak, Rally-Raid sell a billet replacement but it's not cheap. I'll be strengthening the stock part soon. Billet sprocket cover that protects the clutch slave cylinder is also worth looking at. I had a Scott's damper left over from my SE, so bought the Rally-Raid risers / damper mount.

    I've also bought another plug cap of the same length but with an angled extension for easier removal. Haul Loop on the front is the last mod done. Also looking at making or buying stick on protection plates for the clutch and generator covers.

    Fit decent handguards, mine came with Acerbis items and hideous graphics:

    Main 690 thread on Advrider: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=137643

    Luggage & rack thread: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=365169

    Show off your 690 thread: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=624319

    Thread Index: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=365940

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    Cheers for all the advice? The rear rear cylinder does look exposed.
    I'll start looking on eBay for parts and work out how far to go. Any further advice would be appreciated.

    Love & Hugs Coops

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    Touratech's got lots of stuff including guard for rear brake cylinder Touratech UK Webshop . Got the bash plate and engine guards, very nice parts!

    The front is a bit nervous so will fit steering damper. Dealer recommended NOT to use the KTM one as it was no good, but reverted and said they had mixed whatever the problem was so just fitted one, picking bike up on Tuesday.

    Bent the rear brake lver so got this

    Billet Brake Pedal for KTM 690 | Slavens Racing 719-475-2624

    with the Touratech Folding brake lever attachment kit Touratech UK Webshop

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingvin View Post
    The front is a bit nervous so will fit steering damper.
    Youre better off sorting out the suspension/geometry first if that is an issue (ie before you install the damper).

    As mentioned above - rad cowl bolts & tank bushings are a must.
    Also, the fuel line, IIRC rubs on a bolt. Replace the rear tank filler if you want to keep shite out of your fuel tank. Replace the paper filter with a foam one. There are some other ones I dont remember too.
    Here is a checklist - http://www.advrider.com/forums/showp...ostcount=10613
    Some effort is being made to collate the knowledge here : http://www.690owners.info

    IMO, Adventure Spec make the best bashplate for that bike - which includes protection for the rear cylinder.
    KTM 690 Enduro (R) Bash plate


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