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  1. General Discussion
    Recently got a KTM 125 exc (2005) and it came without a side stand. As I’m using it on the road I really need one but can’t find one anywhere. Is anyone selling one or can link one for sale anywhere. Or even any universal one or different model one that will fit! Thanks.
  2. Adventure
    I need a tank, for my 2005 adventure, one that holds petrol would be a plus, would love to find a Rally Tank (any condition 585. any leads welcome - the season for travel is upon me and i have a leaky tank. It has split, under the seat on the left side post a head on collision...
  3. Off-Road / Enduro
    Does anyone know the size i should set my valve clearance at on my 2005 450sx, it a ramon edition possibly with a 'power upgrade' from the dealer(new) if that makes any difference. Ive not had it long so im sussing it out as i go. The manual doesnt have much in it either! hopefully this sunday i...
  4. Supermoto
    Hi All, I wondered if any one could help me. I am putting my 2005 smr back to 450 after the 470 kit sadly went Bang i couple of days ago. It's running a 180 main jet and 35pilot on the 470 kit, With a full titanium akro and DNA air filter What jetting should i run for the 450?? Thanks Brad.
  5. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hello, I'm selling my ktm EXC 525 2003 It is not road registered( off road only). Owned bike for 3 months but I've realised the bike is to powerfull for me. Engine runs sweet (as far as I'm aware the had a top end rebuilt 20 hours ago) Suspension is all good no problems Goes through gears...
  6. Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi, Something like Grinny sold last week would be perfect for me - damn, I only just started looking! :frown: I'd prefer to hold out for a 2005 (or later model) - even though stratlad's 2004 does look tempting. Guess anything newer may be out of my price range, but you can always let me know...
1-6 of 6 Results