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  1. Help / Opion needed, KTM 200 EXC crankcase broken.

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi, I've recently bought my first bike, a KTM 200 exc 2006. The bike was fairly cheap so was expecting to spend a bit to get it to a good condition, however when I bought the bike I didn't realise there was a big crack under the crankcase on the left hand side (I think), the crack seems to...
  2. 2006 yamaha ttr250 blue ( tt 250 r - ttr 250)

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    2006 Yamaha TTR 250 blue ( TT250 R - TTR 250) Sorry - I realise this is perhaps an odd place to advertise a Yamaha, but being a new KTM owner I find myself with a spare dirt bike, which really has to go to make space in the garage. Lovingly looked after – thoroughly cleaned after every ride...
  3. Waterpump time for my 950SM, any recomms in/around Surrey for service

    Hi All, Long time no post, but I have been lurking and riding my 2 bikes. My 06 (07 regd) 950SM has got to the common waterpump seal failure, so now it needs a full waterpump overhaul, which as the pump shaft and seal components have been updated should hopefully last longer this time...