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  1. Duke 125 2017 indicator issue

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hi all , im fairly new to riding , ive had my duke for about 5 weeks now from new. The reason im posting here and not phoning the shop is they are closed untill the new year and this is getting irritating now. The indicators have started playing up, they work fine when i want to actually...
  2. Urgent help needed comparing 2013 500 EXC and 2017 500 EXC engines

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello everyone, I'm a member of the formula student team at the University of Leeds. We currently use a 500 EXC engine from 2013 in our formula car, and are looking to purchase another engine for testing. Our dealer has a 2017 500 EXC, but we're not sure if this will work as a direct replacement...
  3. 1290 Super Adventure 2017 S & R Models

    I know that they are not available yet, but there seems a distinct lack of discussion here on these models. In fact, there is more on the UKGSER site. I am really interested in the S model and can't wait to test ride one in a month's time. The reviews to date are positive. If anyone has some...
  4. 2017 EXC-F 250 or 350?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    With the specs now available for the new bike and only a KG difference in the weight which one for green lanes and the odd event? I have read that the 250 will be better in the "tight stuff" but as the bikes are effectively the same what is this about? How the power is delivered? Got a 250 now...