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  1. Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello there! Also greetings from Slovakia! (this forum easily said: rules the tech info :smokin:) So I want to ask you for advice, i have 520 EXC 2002 and this happened: One day, i was going on low RPMs and when i hit the throttle ...engine wasnt igniting. It was not starting, but when i put my...
  2. New Member Introductions
    im Lee
  3. Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi guys. Im new to the site so go easy on me. Im not a mechanical mastermind so be nice :) I have just bought a 520 exc 2001 to go over to the Isle of Man on for road use, but im having problems. Theres a list so be prepared. So its a 520 exc, been sitting for 5 years according to the seller...
  4. General Discussion
    hi all, think iv'e dived in at the deep end, if there is anyone out there who can give me info regarding whether my 1998 520 exc is able to be road legal it'd be a great help, it has wires there for the rear lights, front lights, kill switch, horn etc, all i have is frame number and no reg docs...
  5. Supermoto
    YO! im new to this forum, so firstly like to say how helpful it is! ive tried searchin for this particular thing to do wit my lights n havent come across anyfin. so... I just bought a 2001 ktm exc 520 supermoto road converted... basically wen my bike is running the lights flicker and wen i...
1-5 of 5 Results