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  1. Bikes and Bits for sale
    bought these from moto master but there was a mistake with their website and didnt fit my 640 adventure. Has little scratches on floaters where they didnt clear the brake caliper holder, I did not ride it so is unused. Comes with new brake pads that were included when moto master corrected their...
  2. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi all, time has come to sell my 625 SMC. 2nd one I've owned as they're so good and this one is spot-on. Reason for sale is I commute 3-400miles a week and i really need something a bit more comfy like a fazer etc. Will be sad to see her go. Good bits 19950 miles 2004 fcr41mx model MOT May...
  3. Supermoto
    Hi, are there any known Mods, or available brackets, handle or back racks that fit the duke 2? ive had a look round and cant seem to see anything. a bit more carrying space and support for an occasional pillion would be very useful. cheers
  4. Supermoto
    I've got a KTM 625 with Acrapovic exhaust system. I'm willing to do a straight swap for the original item. (Neighbour problems) I'm in Edinburgh, UK.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I have had my 2005 625 for about 2 months now and its my first supermoto. It came with all restrictions still in place and all original. Naturally I want to unleash it! I have opened up the airbox a bit, I am after a JD jet kit, if anyone knows where I can get one in the UK that would...
  6. Supermoto
    hi guys. i'm looking for a gearbox for my 04 duke. at the moment on ebay theres only gearboxs from similar years 625's and 660's and also an 08 690. ive read the engine changed dramaticaly in 08 so im not holding out hope for that one, but are most of them interchangeable?i understand i'll lose...
  7. Bikes and Bits for sale
    KTM Graphics for LC4 625 640 660 - Red Bull / Akrapovic £80 posted...
  8. Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for a clean no older than 2006 KTM 625 SMC or 690 SMC or a 640 LC4. Bike must be in good condition with low miles, will pay a fair price for the right bike.
  9. Bikes and Bits for sale
    I have a box of spares laying around that I'm wanting to sell. Just had an expensive repair bill so need the cash. There is virtually a whole engine there, engine casing, piston, crank etc. It all came from a working engine, although the condition of the parts varies. Send me a message and I'll...
  10. General Discussion
    Sunday was a lovely day.. A mate called to say he was about to finish work. We both ride supermoto (mines a 625SMC) so we planned to go for a ride.. I jumped at the chance and hopped straight on the bike. (Helmet, Jacket, Boots and Gloves of course;)) I filtered through the traffic.. until got...
1-10 of 10 Results