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  1. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Ktm duke 2 2005 black 22.8k miles. Full service history. I'm the 4th owner will have to check. Full log book v5 in my name. Mot just run out but will pass. Needs some tlc. Owned for 8 years and it hasn't let me down, meticulously changed oil every 1-1.5k miles. Bad bits Cat n from a Small slide...
    £2,500 GBP
  2. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, I am selling this 2005 KTM 640 Adventure on behalf of my grandfather. The bike is in fantastic condition, with many extras. Sole owner from new. Never been green laned. 2005 22,221 miles Lowered Suspension. Panier Frames. Full Akaaprovic exhaust system. KTM Crash bars. New Chain. New Front...
  3. Bikes and Bits for sale
    bought these from moto master but there was a mistake with their website and didnt fit my 640 adventure. Has little scratches on floaters where they didnt clear the brake caliper holder, I did not ride it so is unused. Comes with new brake pads that were included when moto master corrected their...
  4. Supermoto
    Hi all. mum after a genuine seat, or seat cover for my aging 2001 duke 640. It’s a silver one, champagne? Whatever they call it. I’ve owned the bike years, but stupidly used some PVC cleaner to try and clean some marks off the seat, it’s ended up eating into the material and now it’s all...
  5. General Discussion
    It seems that all the information on here about the 640 airbox mod are ancient, and require parts made by users. Does anyone have any information on where i can get my hands on a link pipe for a K&N filter or a metal gauze for the side pannel? I've got a 2003 Ktm 640 LC4 SM btw Cheers.
  6. Supermoto
    hi guys. I own a ktm lc4 640 2001 enduro model and and two weeks ago i made a total rebuild of my engine(piston bearings...). So now i am more focused on how to make my love look way more beautiful and i thought, why dont i change my enduro old fairing with the 2005 fairing which looks way...
  7. Supermoto
    Hi, I nearly had my bike (LC4 2006 Supermoto Prestige) stolen and the only problem I haven't yet been able to fix is the indicator issue. I found to day some damaged cabling and think this is most probably the cause. I'll try and get a picture up and if someone could correctly identify the...
  8. KTM on eBay
    LC4 640 Prestige. 13k miles. (I think) V5 present. PM me for prices and pictures. It is on ebay. Item number:222126339570
  9. Bikes and Bits wanted
    I'm after a pair of cans for my 2006 LC4 640 Prestige. Anything considered. I am rebuilding the bike after it developed a bottom end knock. I ve decided to give the bike a good going over and will be doing a lot of work to it. I could also be tempted to buy the following: New Piston...
  10. Adventure
    I need a tank, for my 2005 adventure, one that holds petrol would be a plus, would love to find a Rally Tank (any condition 585. any leads welcome - the season for travel is upon me and i have a leaky tank. It has split, under the seat on the left side post a head on collision...
  11. Supermoto
    Hi, are there any known Mods, or available brackets, handle or back racks that fit the duke 2? ive had a look round and cant seem to see anything. a bit more carrying space and support for an occasional pillion would be very useful. cheers
  12. Supermoto
    So my 640 is in for its service and a few other things (including my new set of graphics from Crispy :D), as my oil was dropped my mate noticed some small metal bits, about 5 or 6, ranging from 1mm to about 4mm, the engine runs smooth, but recently i had a bit of a faf with the clutch cable...
  13. Supermoto
    Hey guys Just picked up a OEM bash plate for my 640, but ive realised it doesnt come with the mounting hardware, i should be able to find most the nuts and bolts...apart from the 93's There £10 each! but of course nowhere has them, so does anybody know where to get them, or know of any...
  14. Supermoto
    hi guys. i'm looking for a gearbox for my 04 duke. at the moment on ebay theres only gearboxs from similar years 625's and 660's and also an 08 690. ive read the engine changed dramaticaly in 08 so im not holding out hope for that one, but are most of them interchangeable?i understand i'll lose...
  15. Supermoto
    My brother's after a KTM SM - 640 LC4 or a 625 SMC, pref orange or black, '03 - '05 for about £2.5k - anyone know of any? Cheers!
  16. Supermoto
    Hey Guys does anyone know if these tail pipes for a 640 adventure will fit a 06 625 sumo twin pipe model ? Cheers FMF Racing Slip On Exhaust Muffler 045261 for KTM 640 Adventure 2006 | eBay
  17. Bikes and Bits for sale
    I reluctantly have to sell my lovely 640E 2004 due to family commitments. I have owned the bike for two years (bought it from a KTM dealer) and have used it both on and off road and its fantastic! A proper dual sport bike. The LC4 engine really does speak for itself, is power delivery is...
  18. Bikes and Bits for sale
    KTM Graphics for LC4 625 640 660 - Red Bull / Akrapovic £80 posted...
  19. Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi Am interested in getting a 640 Adventure. They don't come up very often... Anyone interested in selling theirs, I'd like to have a look. Thanks Andrew
  20. Bikes and Bits for sale
    I have a sound exhaust for 2003 model 640 Adventure. £50.00 to include carriage to UK mainland address. For photos or any questions please email [email protected] or telephone 07986116337.
1-20 of 27 Results