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660 smc

  1. 660 SMC crank seal leaking

    Hi all, got back from a ride recently and notice one drop of oil under the bike the next morning. Searched around and couldn't find any obvious external leaks, took off the alternator cover and found a small pool of oil inside. I checked behind the flywheel with a torch and the bottom of the...
  2. 660 SMC wheelies!

    General Discussion
    Hi all, This has probably been asked a bunch of times but here goes anyway. I'm having trouble getting my 660 to wheelie in 3rd gear. Gearing is 16/38, stock headers with Sebring silencer, opened airbox and jetted to match. SAS has been removed and blanked off. The bike powers and clutches up...
  3. 660 SMC clutch adjustment

    Hi all, when you go to pull in the clutch on my 660, the lever has about 5-10mm of play before starting to resist and disengage. It often takes a few tries to shift into first gear and occasionally the bike will lurch forward slightly and stall out when it goes into first, but there doesn't...
  4. KTM 660 SMC minor issues

    Hi guys Having some minor rough running issues with my 660. Started with the auto decomp ticking last year on idle and after having replaced that i was hoping for the ticking to stop but it has not. It is better than it was but still not 100% Starting it up is perfect normally first kick and...
  5. 660 SMC won't start......again!!

    General Discussion
    Hi all, Familiar problems with my 660, but this time a little bit different. It'll start first kick from cold with choke and first kick from hot. The issue is when it's been run for 2-3 minutes or so then cuts out and and has to be restarted - the bastard just won't go! I stood for 20 minutes...
  6. Spacer sizes - RS125 wheels on LC4

    Hi all, I've read a lot of posts about fitting RS125 wheels on the LC4's. I've picked up a cheap pair of wheels with discs/sprocket etc and can get the 3mm skimmed from the rear brake disc posts as recommended. The only thing I haven't found yet is the dimensions needed to get spacers made up...
  7. 660 SMC Jetting

    Hi Guys, Trying to recommission my friends 660 smc after 2 years standing. It is a 2004 model with Keihin FCR MX-41 carb and an Akrapovic full titanium exhaust. Tank has been drained and carb is stripped and sonic cleaned. The jets in the carb are as follows: Main jet 170 Idling jet 45 Main air...
  8. 660 SMC Speedo problem !

    Hi there I've recently purchased a 2006 660 SMC, which apart from needing some basic TLC is pretty sweet. I love it, hell of a step up from my old DRZ One issue though is that, when pinning it, the speedo reading goes completely mental, reading ridiculous figures, but when cruising along it...
  9. Ktm 660 smc -04 clutch

    Heeelp On the way home from work today, I noticed that my clutch handle did not go all the way in as before, it stopped about 1 cm from the handlebar, so I changed the clutch oil and saw that the oil was dark, saw 2-3small small metal-like particles 0.5 mm in size then added new oil in...