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  1. Supermoto
    Hi all I posted a thread about this problem a couple of weeks ago, but no solutions were forthcoming. I phoned everywhere, visited bearing suppliers, but all to no avail. On the form I found this thread where a guy had done a needle roller conversion. I used his basic idea, modified a little...
  2. 660

    Hi all, I've had the bike 3 years, mate had it from new, How do I check if it has been derestriced? Just dosent pull as well/hard as my previous Berg FS650. Best place for new plastics? And has anyone advice on best way to remove indicators and headlight to replace with number board. Cheers 🤙
  3. Supermoto
    Hi guys Having some minor rough running issues with my 660. Started with the auto decomp ticking last year on idle and after having replaced that i was hoping for the ticking to stop but it has not. It is better than it was but still not 100% Starting it up is perfect normally first kick and...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi all, I took the rear wheel out to fit a new tyre and was significantly pissed off by how difficult it is to remove. I can't maneuver the wheel enough to release the rear caliper from its post on the swingarm and so there is no clearance between the rim and and the caliper. As a result I've...
  5. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Guys, I have owned this 660 for almost its entire life, it has about 5.5k miles, not looked or ridden it since last summer. I have spent a fortune on it making it a very individual classic. Nothing racey just smart. It is a 2004 model but upgraded to twin pipe rear end. It has custom black...
  6. Supermoto
    hi guys. i'm looking for a gearbox for my 04 duke. at the moment on ebay theres only gearboxs from similar years 625's and 660's and also an 08 690. ive read the engine changed dramaticaly in 08 so im not holding out hope for that one, but are most of them interchangeable?i understand i'll lose...
  7. General Discussion
    Between the 8pm of the 7th Oct and 8am of the 8th Oct I had three motorbikes stolen from my garage An orange KTM 660 SMC supermoto - Registration CX55CNX My 2011 Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 - VIN 2503>1106120 At the time of the theft it had the following fitted to it... - Black Apico footpegs - Red...
  8. Supermoto
    Hi there I've recently purchased a 2006 660 SMC, which apart from needing some basic TLC is pretty sweet. I love it, hell of a step up from my old DRZ One issue though is that, when pinning it, the speedo reading goes completely mental, reading ridiculous figures, but when cruising along it...
  9. Bikes and Bits for sale
    KTM Graphics for LC4 625 640 660 - Red Bull / Akrapovic £80 posted...
  10. Supermoto
    Hello im a new member on here. Ok so i need a little help with my smc660 - 2003. I bought my bike as a non runner off ebay. I have repaired the engine and it wont start. I noticed the mag, or fly wheel has been removed before but without the extractor, hence damaging the magnets (ive found loads...
  11. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Mint Condition "660" 10mts MOT, no TAX, Needs Tyres soon, but legal. 2 Owners from New,
  12. Bikes and Bits wanted
    does anyone know of a 06 660 for sale, in need of a new ride because a 640 does not do it for me anymore:eek:
1-12 of 12 Results