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690 smc

  1. 690 SMC died when driving

    Hello guys! Got a 690 SMC 2014 with 1000miles on it. The bike has wings slip-on. Was out driving when it suddenly died under acceleration. The FI light gives me 2x long and 7x short. When im trying to start it, i can hear the starter trying, but wont make The engine turn. The wheel is also...
  2. 690 SMC 'bling' for free !

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi all, by means of an apology for only posting adverts on the forum, I would like to offer some free stuff! I made a set of ‘blingy’ oil filter covers & paddock stand bobbins for my 2008 690 SMC. The covers are billet machined alloy & anodised, the bobbins are 316L stainless. If they are of...
  3. 690 SMC tail warping/twisting

    :eek: Got a weird one for you all. I picked up a 2011 690 SMC with 600 miles Tuesday last week. Been riding every day, everything's sweet. Today a friend noticed that the whole tail section from the rear of the seat backwards is twisted away from the exhaust. The more we looked at it the...