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  1. 950/990 Supermoto
    I'm looking at buying and customising a 950 but still have a few unanswered questions and it would be great for a little help: 1. Will a 19 inch rear wheel fit in all the swingarms? I seem to recall reading that the adv swingarm was a little longer, but do they all still provide the same rear...
  2. Bikes and Bits for sale
    For Sale near Heathrow Airport. Very good condition. 077 1048 7499 £650ono
  3. 950/990 Supermoto
    Hi all I've installed an Oberon slave cylinder on my 950SM and bled the system as per instructions. Thing is, now when I pull the clutch in while in gear, the plates don't disengage completely. It's more noticable when I push the bike around with the engine off. What am I missing? Any ideas...
  4. Bikes and Bits for sale
    First reg July 2003 - one owner (me) from new mileage 47,646 .New MOT( 13/5/14), 2013 MOT at 42,065 2012 MOT at 39519,2011 MOT at 31,443 nearly all summer miles road tax until Feb 2015 full service history -all KTM main dealers all factory updates done plus extra...
  5. 950/990 Supermoto
    I've never done a track day before and was wondering if anyone could recommend one for a 950 as I don't want to go to a track which is perfect for Superbikes but rubbish for SM's. Max 2 hr drive from the Midlands would be ideal. Cheers!
  6. Adventure
    Hello fellow Adventurers I'm not the first to ask but I am hoping that someone has a set of Grab Handles for a KTM Adventure 950/990 sitting around as I am removing my pannier rack but don't have the grab handles to put back on again as bought second hand. Does anyone have any they would be...
  7. Supermoto
    1. Had a major service inc. valve clearances the other week and since I got it back the fueling doesn't seem as good. I've got Akro cans and I've heard about the stuttering in 2nd/3rd gear (never really noticed before hand) but it keeps missing, maybe 3-4 times in 1 hour and in any gear at...
  8. Supermoto
    Anybody know where I can get some carbon frame guards for my 950 SMR? I've seen the KTM plastic ones but they look a bit cheap and nasty.
  9. Supermoto
    I'm ashamed to say I put the baffles back in my akra cans the other day - won't be doing that again! The difference is amazing - you can hardly hear it. Has anyone modified the baffles i.e. drilling some holes in them to let a bit more sound out? The reason I put them back in was the...
  10. Adventure
    Just bought my first 950 adventure. I am finding that after a long run with the cooling liquid temperature display showing 4 or 5 bars, when I turn the engine off, the coolant overflows out of the overflow pipe that runs down the left side of the radiator. When I go to start the bike next...
  11. Supermoto
    I've just bought a 950 SMR (I fekin love it!) and it's got a KTM alarm - anybody know what are and how to work all the functions, i.e. does it have ferry mode, motion sensor armed etc? The only reason I ask is that when I sent the alarm I can move the bike and the siren doesn't go off. The...
  12. Bikes and Bits for sale
    After much deliberation I've decided to put my Cagiva Navigator up for sale. Great bike and almost as good as an Adventure but for half the money and has arguably one of the best V-twin one-litre engines on the market (and yes I have tried them all...well, most anyway!) Good bits: First...
  13. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, Anybody interested in a Rekluse z-Start Pro automatic clutch for all LC8s? The model number is RMS631. See here. It has had only 300Km use and as such is hardly used. It does come with the recent Rekluse updates which have not been fitted. I fitted this a few weeks ago for a recent...
  14. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Exhaust end cans for a 2007 lc8 supermoto. ( A Pair off ) Genuine KTM End Cans. These are as new taken off a 2007 bike befor going out off the shop i was told. All clips etc inc. £100 O.N.O Wanted Acros if u wana deal!!! Tel: 07977 636 858 can post at cost. Thanks Nick :smokin:
1-14 of 14 Results