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  1. 950SM 2005, Cutting out at low throttle when hot

    950/990 Supermoto
    I'm absolutely loving the SM, but in the last week it has been cutting out. The context as follows: -Starts first time and idles beautifully -When cold seems to not cut out -Once engine is hot it starts to cut out (heavy jerking) on constant or low throttle -If I open full throttle it pulls...
  2. 950 SM Rear footrest blanking plate or screws

    950/990 Supermoto
    Morning All, Does anyone know where I can get blanking plates for the pillion footrest holes? Or the right screws maybe? Do the Duke 690 R&G plates work on a 950 SM '06? Cheers!
  3. Orange to black plastics for 06 950 sm

    950/990 Supermoto
    Hi again all not had a ktm for 3 years since i had to part with my 05 superduke..but just picked up an 950sm in orange. I would prefer it in black can anyone recommend a good place for a set of plastics in black please..i'm in south uk !! Ps.. its great to be back on a ktm !!!!
  4. Yet another possible fueling issue but with a difference

    950/990 Supermoto
    I have the same issue of lumpy (more than usual!) running on my 07 950 SM. I changed the battery a while ago as that also caused poor running. I can do the carbs and clean them no probs but this time around the fuel light wont turn off. Anyone aware of any possible links or do you think this...
  5. 2006 KTM 950 SM - 10521 Miles - Excellent Price!

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  6. Thinking of doing a track day on your 950SM?

    Brands Hatch blast on a 950SM If you’re thinking about doing a track day on your 950SM, I did and this is what happened. It starts on a Monday and I’m in the office, I have been thinking for some time about doing a track day on the 950SM but something has always gotten in the way, but this...
  7. Waterpump time for my 950SM, any recomms in/around Surrey for service

    Hi All, Long time no post, but I have been lurking and riding my 2 bikes. My 06 (07 regd) 950SM has got to the common waterpump seal failure, so now it needs a full waterpump overhaul, which as the pump shaft and seal components have been updated should hopefully last longer this time...
  8. Fuel cans for 950sm and adventurer (as new)

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi im selling a pair of Fuel cans and all the fittings. There where taken of my my 05 950sm and are in mint condition so scatches or marks (see pics) When i purchased new 5 months ago i was told they will alos fit an adventurer but if you contact fuel im sure they will let you know for...