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  1. New to KTM....very close to purchasing a 990adv...advice required pre-purchase

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, As the title says, I am new to KTM and have my eye on a number of 990adv that I am considering buying. I have the money ready to make a purchase and am really looking forward to owning one of these and have been for a long time. To me the 990adv is one of the coolest looking bikes I...
  2. chain and sprocket guidance/ reviews

    Off-Road / Enduro
    New to the forum and to my KTM SXF250 06 grateful on any guidance! So my rear sprocket is looking very worn (supersprox) and thought i'd put a chain and front sprocket on while I'm at it, But i have no idea on what kit to buy! seems to be so many variations and brands.. Im no professional and...
  3. duke 690 12my help

    I'm looking at buying a 2012 690 duke, read the reviews and all sounds good, found myself a deal only thing is I've not ridden one! I loved my old 660smc and miss it will this give me the same grin factor? the new bike is a long way away so travelling (nearly 400 mile round trip) just to test...
  4. wanting a return to orange need advice

    General Discussion
    i fell in love with the 690 duke last year and fancied one straight away i now find myself in a possition to be able to buy one and i`ve found a dealer with a few of last years bikes brand new but old stock at a good price i just want some opinions on the bikes!!! (2012 ktm 690 duke 12my) my...
  5. The definitive supermoto track day thread

    To try and keep all the relevant info together for track day novices, those who'd like to try it and seasoned track gods. Where have you ridden? How did you find it? What did you ride? Which company organised the day? Stick all of your knowledge, experiences, piccies and videos in here. I've...
  6. which lc4????

    Hey all, i`m new on hear and am looking to buy a supermoto, i`ve bin doin some research and narrowed it down to 660 625 or 640 smc in that order from what i can gather, i`m a young n fit 36 yr old, previous bikes are an old xt350 then a race tuned ZXR750 L1, i`ve road tested a couple of KTM`s...
  7. New off-road school

    General Discussion
    Hi. This is my first thread on my first forum so if i make a mistake please let me know. My name is Nic and i have a famous relative in the world of KTM and she has just started her own off-road riding academy. She was the first british woman to finish the Dakar on a bike and i'm very proud of...