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  1. 950/ 990 KTM Adventure Akrapovic Cans

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    950/ 990 KTM Adventure Akrapovic Cans ***SOLD*** Pair of clean, well kept akras for sale. Carbon fiber straps, baffles included + I'll add 6 stainless steel bolts and cooper grease. £450 paypal and shipping included For any questions please pm me NS has two small blemishes:
  2. Baffles? Pah!

    I'm ashamed to say I put the baffles back in my akra cans the other day - won't be doing that again! The difference is amazing - you can hardly hear it. Has anyone modified the baffles i.e. drilling some holes in them to let a bit more sound out? The reason I put them back in was the...
  3. 950 supermoto akrapovics/carbon front and rear mudguards/top box/tank bag

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    I listed on ebay yesterday Givi ktm top box luggage on eBay (end time 27-Mar-11 19:04:23 BST) Ktm tank bag supermoto 950 690 adventure on eBay (end time 27-Mar-11 19:12:56 BST) Ktm 950 supermoto akrapovic akrapovics exhaust cans on eBay (end time 27-Mar-11 19:24:05 BST) Ktm 950 Supermoto...
  4. KTM/Husaberg Akrapovic evolution silencer

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, I have like new Akrapovic evolution silencer for sale. Its from my 570 Berg. Have 20 hours and havent any damage. Db killer included. In original package. Part number 81205079000. Offers to PM please. Thanks, Lukas
  5. 950SMR Akras wanted

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Looking for a nice set of end cans for a SMR950 (07). Akras / Remus / Quill considered W.H.Y. Cheers.
  6. Akrapovic Cans for Duke II

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Evening all, I've been after a pair for while now. If anyone has a pair for sale in good condition and for a fair price let me know. I've got the readies!