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brake light

  1. Exc-f 250 2007 No Brake Light

    General Discussion
    Hello, Just bought an exc-f 250 2007 and want to get it through its MOT. Problem is that the brake light does not illuminate when I press the front/rear brakes. The bulb looks fine, and illuminates when the headlights are on (it has two separate filaments). Is there a common fault with the...
  2. Another rear light post

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Yep another rear light post, I've read the others and can't find solution so here's the thing! Front brake lever going to the bar. I simply topped up fluid in res and pumped it hard - let a little out through top. Then took forks to bits to swap springs over (legs off etc). Re-assembled those...
  3. 2012 XC250 Adding Lights

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi guys, just signed up here (hello) my first post! I've just purchased a 2012 XC250 despite pondering over that or the EXC as i fancy the odd bit of green laning too. Last time I was on one of these i was doing my gcse's about 18 years ago!!! I've lost any skills i had :eek: went on a...
  4. EXC rear brake light switch failure

    Off-Road / Enduro
    I recently became a proud owner of an '05 450 with the brake light permanently on. With some testing I deduced it was the rear pressure switch causing this. I have replaced it twice now only for the switch to fail on both new switches after only a couple of rides. Redline have kindly replaced it...