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  1. MCU lost in crash (Yes, really) options for replacement and programming to bike? 13 1190A R

    So, I was out on a Sunday Morning rideout a couple of years ago and I decide its time to warm the knackers up and stop for a coffee, I indicate, stick the brakes on and my mate behind me decides he'd rather continue on. Through me and my 2013 1190 Adventure R. Bits of bike everywhere but...
  2. KTM LC4 640 Prestige Breaking

    KTM on eBay
    LC4 640 Prestige. 13k miles. (I think) V5 present. PM me for prices and pictures. It is on ebay. Item number:222126339570
  3. 2007 Facelift SD Breaking

    Breaking 2007 (facelift) superduke Taken from 6500mile Black/Grey SD All prices inc UK postage and packaging International Postage Available, please ask for quote DISCOUNT FOR MULTIPLE PURCHASES Engine Complete.......................................................(SOLD) Black Frame inc...
  4. Ktm 200exc breaking for parts

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    I have a w reg ktm 200 that i am breaking for parts due to the cost of the repair. the only broken parts on this bike are the cdi unit and the genorator/stator unit apart from that all the rest of the bike is in perfect working order. contact me on [email protected] for more details.