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  1. An Unforgetable Ride

    General Discussion
    [/URL][/IMG] Haven't posted for a while... been too busy riding! This is one of the days from a recent ride with a couple of mates who came over from Australia. The great thing about living in Cambodia is that so many people come through, there is always an opportunity to get on the bikes and...
  2. Riding Cambodia - Amazing trails close to Temple Town

    General Discussion
    Hi Guys, thought I'd share a recent ride we did last weekend and some general riding info. [couldn't find a ride reports section] We are very lucky to live in Cambodia. The people here are so friendly and easy to get on with and the food and vibrant culture make every day interesting. Also, the...
  3. Monthly Fun Ride in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Off-Road / Enduro
    One of the things we’ve been trying to get going in recent months is a monthly fun ride for locals and expats. Our main crew ride regularly at the weekends, and we’re a small group of, mainly Khmer riders, and the odd expat. Dirt biking has been getting more popular, with the advent of regular...