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clutch trouble

  1. 2008 EXC 200 Clutch problem

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello eveyone, First of all nice forum. :) Second, I own a KTM EXC 200 2008 and I have a problem with the clutch operation, the plates were replaced by the previous owner, so I assume everything is ok in the clutch. When I get the bike with the clutch lever on, into first and second gear the...
  2. ktm clutch problems

    General Discussion
    hi i have a problem with my clutch lever seems to go soft sometimes when i race like the oil is getting to hot but then i pump it and it comes back. its not that it needs bleading cuz i done that and no air in there.
  3. what up with me ktm??

    Get Togethers
    please advise, sometimes when my clutch is fully in my bike still tries to pull away???:eek: please any advise to whats happening is appreciated....its a 2010 125 exc champs edition with only 22 hours. thanks