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  1. Duke 690- Pre and Post 2016 Differences?

    General Discussion
    Hi all, What are the visual differences for the 2016+ Duke 690's? I know they had a lot of engine work. I thought they all had the electronic TFT screens, however, 2 (16 & 66 plate) Duke 690s that I may go and look at do not have the TFT screen. Would this mean that they are not the updated...
  2. Duke 690 advise

    General Discussion
    Hello forum, I have recently bought a duke 690 2012. Here is the beauty: After a couple of months and so far I love it, it is exatcly the type of bike I like. High, as in a standing ride position, good torque and alot of BHP for the weight. Really good for filtering and easily lose anoying...
  3. New Member - KTM DUKE 690 Mods

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All, Thought i'd follow the recommended protocol and post in the 'New Member' section. Not long purchased my first KTM: Duke 690 2015. Loving the bike and riding style. I'm definetly now KTM for life! Now I'm in the process of making some modifications to the bike as i bought it...
  4. Duke III 690

    Hi folks, can anyone confirm which (if any) of the Powerparts hand-guards fit the 3rd gen (2010/2011) Duke 690. Or, if anyone has a recommendation for a non-KTM guard which fits the bill, please let me know. Alan
  5. Duke 690 or Duke 390? That is the question!?

    General Discussion
    Hello Everyone! Just wanted a bit of help deciding what bike I should get for my first A2 machine!, (A2 for UK 47BHP/32kW restriction) I dont mind which is easier to handle so please dont judge on easyness for beginners. now!, Do I get a 2013 Duke 390 with 4500miles on it for £3500 which is A2...
  6. 2013 690 DUKE R For sale

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi guys. I'm sad to announce that my 2013 690 DUKE R is for sale. Bike has 1000 miles on the clock and has had its first service. Bike Has the obvious standard spec that the 'R' model usually carries but I have also added hand guards, heated grips, leo vince decat pipe and also had the...
  7. I'm new to this and joined to talk dukes

    New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow KTM owners/fans! I signed up to this forum month or so back but completely forgot, i only signed up to see other peoples 690 dukes really, preferably the IV. But I love flicking through everyone's little KTM projects/ non standard bikes. That's about it really, would like to get...
  8. 690 duke IV / Mark 4

    General Discussion
    Im new to this forum so I may just being blind but I cant really find anyone who owns this bike (690 duke IV) and what they changed on it so I thought I'd start a thread of my own. I havent done to much to mine but I think ive done a good job so far, im only on a restricted licence and have...
  9. 2012 Duke 690 with powerparts

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, this is my first post here.. I've got a white 2012 Duke 690 which I love but I'm moving house soon and therefore need to sell it :( It's had the first service done and it now on 980miles only, and still under warranty (I bought it early summer from Crescent), at the service I had them fit...
  10. 2011 690 Duke R

    Member's Bike Pics and Bike Videos
    Duke R Evo 2 kit (akra+cam+k&n cone filter + akra map) Braking SK floating front disk Full Spectrum Pulse P2 battery Tail Tidy Various bits from KTM Powerparts 2011 690