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duke iii

  1. Any Idea what this is called/where to buy one? (other than dealer)

    General Discussion
    As the title says, does anyone know what this is called (I'm guessing it's a washer of some sort) and if they know where it can be bought in the UK (online)? http://imgur.com/a/IoWE6 http://imgur.com/a/yc9B1 When changing a few rusted bolts I noticed that on the front mudguard of my 690 Duke...
  2. Duke III 690

    Hi folks, can anyone confirm which (if any) of the Powerparts hand-guards fit the 3rd gen (2010/2011) Duke 690. Or, if anyone has a recommendation for a non-KTM guard which fits the bill, please let me know. Alan
  3. Duke III 690 changing digital display settings km/h to mph?

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone Just joined the forum so forgive if this thread has come up before, if so, couldn't find it quickly! Had a Duke II until last Spring - great fun but had to sell it, reasons not important; Now after a Duke III 690 but the model that directly followed the II - ie, not the most recent...