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  1. Duke 125 2017 indicator issue

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Hi all , im fairly new to riding , ive had my duke for about 5 weeks now from new. The reason im posting here and not phoning the shop is they are closed untill the new year and this is getting irritating now. The indicators have started playing up, they work fine when i want to actually...
  2. Slash Cut Exhaust????

    General Discussion
    Hi all! As some of you already know I fairly new to the bike world and looking for ways to spruce up my KTM Duke 125. I have seen some Slash Cut Exhausts. Any views or opinion on them??? Obviously weight difference and sound. Does anyone have one fitted or know how good they are?? All...
  3. I want a new exhaust system! Any Recommendations or Advice!?

    General Discussion
    Hello again all! Today I had a K&N Panel Air Filter fitted. I have been looking at sprucing up my KTM Duke 125 as some of you already know. I have decided next pay day to get an exhaust system. The question is which one? The KTM garage I brought my bike from told me Akrapovic..... Any advice...
  4. De-Cat Duke 125? Any opinions or advice.

    General Discussion
    Hi all. Been looking around for exhausts on ebay and custom made. I came across a seller on ebay. Selling a De-Cat exhaust for the KTM Duke 125. Me being dumb or just mis-informed but I thought anything without a catalytic converter will cause too much emissions+fail MOT. Am I wrong or can this...
  5. How do I make my KTM Duke 125 Faster/More Powerful? Any Advice would be great.

    General Discussion
    Hi to all. I am new to the bike industry and love it so far! I have recently brouhgt a Ktm Duke 125 and love it but I feel as I am a fairly tall and heavy that I could do with more power! I have heard about re-mapping and de restricting but I have no clue what to do. Can anyone help? I no the...