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  1. 2014 KTM 250 XC stator test

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi all, Battery not charging while running in my bike, staying at 13.1 volts while running and while bike is off, it is a brand new yuasa battery, fully charged. Swapped the regulator/rectifier with a known good one off my dads 2012 ktm 250 xc and that didn't fix the issue. tested the stator...
  2. Getting the HORN!!!

    Hi All, Just a quick one. I have a 1050 Adv, and am considering putting a new horn on it - Lets face it, the one it comes with sounds like you've stood gnats nuts, possibly not even that loud! I'm toying with the idea of a FIAM horn or something along those lines. Has anyone ever replaced the...
  3. Bad week

    General Discussion
    Morning, Had a bad week in terms of bikes this week, my commuter (Duke 125 ’11) broke down on Friday, wiring issue, bike lost all power when at anything other than full lock to the right. Managed to fix that by running a bypass. This will eventually need sorting, it seems to be a break in one...
  4. LC4 Has decided to stop starting, what could be the prob?

    Hi Guys, My beloved duke has decided to stop working. On the ride home i stopped at a shop, came back to start it and when i turned the key the neutral light was feint,my lights didn't come on and i got nothing from the igition switch. When i turned the kill switch to the off position the...