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  1. promotion for enduro tours in Serbia

    Hi to all! SECTORENDURO has special offer for classic enduro tours on EXC 450 SD. Tours for begginers, dualsport and ADV riders. Perfectly suitable for intermediate riders who want to have awesome vacation on bike in amasing mountains. Learning, practicing and enjoying 5 days, accomodation...
  2. Riding in Serbia..prepareing for Romania

    Off-Road / Enduro
    hi guys! I looked for some other more suitable place in forum to place this info, but I didn't find, so I'll do it here. So, we invite you to enduro/hard enduro trainings, rides in Serbia. Endless mountains and different tracks, guides, accomodations and bikes for rent. Almost round year...
  3. hard enduro in Serbia

    Get Togethers
    hi guys! welcome and check out our enduro/hard enduro tours, bike rentals, wild nature and excellent riding!
  4. enduro and hard enduro in Serbia

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! thx for accepting me here! owner of husaberg and husky(both 2014), riding hard enduro here, have my own enduro camp/training center here, working as enduro coach!