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  1. Newbie near Bristol

    New Member Introductions
    Hi and thanks for having me on the forum! I picked up my 2006 SM 950 towards the end of last year and I must admit it's been in the shed for the winter, but the nice weather's coming (it MUST be!) and I'm itching to get on it. Coming from a Ninja 900 I wanted something that would thrill...
  2. Epc & Sas/Sls

    Hi all, Going to remove the SAS/SLS & EPC systems from my bike (950SM) over the weekend. It's already had the canister removed. I've made the block-off plates myself and have all the necessary bits and pieces (grommets, vaccum caps, yada yada yada). One question before I do it - the bike won't...
  3. Chuffed with 950SM - Some advice needed

    Picked up my 2005 950 SM a couple of weeks ago following painstaking research into what bike I wanted next. I have to say it totally fits the bill and is a brilliant bike. Been for a couple of wet & cold tours of the Yorkshire Dales (Something I wouldn't have bothered with on my previous...