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  1. 2018 1290 SDR cutting out after long ride

    Hi im new to this forum but hoping for help and to give help as much as i can, couple of months ago i attempted to ride to Germany on my BEAST but unfortunately when i got to Paris the trouble started. riding along and its just a complete loss of power either fuel is cut or spark no warning...
  2. I've Had It With KTMs!

    General Discussion
    I bought a 2012 690 Duke new just 2 years ago now. I know this because my warranty is now up and I will not be able to afford the bike outside warranty. My experience is thus: Disintegrating indicator switch at week 2 - new switches! Weld failure at catalytic convertor to tail pipe join - new...
  3. 690sm '07 speedo stopped working

    Hi all been looking at this site for quite a while now, and thought i'd escaped all the problems, apparently not after not riding it for around 14 weeks (i know, i know) thought i'd start it up and take it for a spin, started it up let it rest for a while, rode it slowly to the garage, checked...