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  1. Free turn-by-turn navigation android app (alternative to MyRide)

    General Discussion
    posted this in the Superduke section as that's my particular KTM interest but thought I should repost here so all and sundry can see...
  2. Trail riding GPS

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Just thought I’d share my GPS setup for trail riding, I’m not saying it’s the best, but it’s working good for me! Tried the Road Angel, but couldn’t see it clearly and wasn’t very user friendly. Ended up with ... Second hand Motorola Defy Android phone (ebay £50) Running “BackCountry...
  3. GPS Data Logging / Geotagging

    General Discussion
    Has anyone a recommendation or experience of a device that can record your route on a ride and also be used for 'fixing' the location of photos that you take along the way? I have found a couple of units (GTrek & Columbus V-900; aka Visiontac VGPS-900 ) that seem to fit the bill (costs between...
  4. Track your ride.........free !!

    General Discussion
    Just got myself a Blackberry Bold, it has got GPS on it and I was digging about on the net and came accross this site:- www.instamapper.com Basically if you have a phone with GPS, you can have it send stuff to this website and can logon later and retrace your route, it shows speeds...