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  1. Wednesday June 11th - 7:30PM ROW Training Session Herts & N London TRF

    Get Togethers
    Wednesday June 11th - 7:30PM ROW Training Session Shire Park Social Club Welwyn Garden City Nearest Post Code AL7 1GB next to Tesco HQ on the Shire Industrial Park. Repeat of the highly successful ROW training session from the December AGM where over 50 riders were trained on where to...
  2. North London & Herts TRF March 2014 Rides

    Forum Ride-outs
    Full details on Hertfordshire TRF | Conserving our heritage of Green Roads March Saturday 8th March Steve Mann Herts ROW officers Ride Now Full Sunday 9th March, Intermediate Run, 10:00 Led by Paul Benjamin East Herts 16 March NEW ROUTE Webbed foot run 21st / 24th March TRF Trip to Isle of...
  3. KTM 300 EXC. How to set up for green lanes? Advice please?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Just asking for a mate. What is the best set up for a 300 exc for green lane and general messing about riding on approx an 11 plate? Front and rear sprocket sizes? Power valve spring colour? Tyre pressures? Suspension setup? Plus any other advice on setup flywheel weight etc. Thanks Jack.