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  1. Renthal / Progrip / Other

    RC8 Superbike
    Hi there, Anyone replaced their grips with aftermarket ones? If so which bloody ones fit? Redline say that the throttle tube is ribbed so aftermarket ones are a pain. B&C say any of the Renthal grips will fit. I just want some new grips that aren't rock hard like the originals.
  2. Wiring in heated grips into the ignition. Problem

    General Discussion
    OK. Today I tried to wire in a relay to the numberplate light on my KTM 125 DUKE. I connected the wire as follows; 30 to the battery 87 to the grips positive. The grip negative to the battery negative. 86 spliced into the numberplate positive. 85 spliced into the numberplate negative. I then...
  3. What grips?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Probably this is a stupid question but I wanna ask :D Are they different types of grips? Any recommendation for a soft pair of grips for my SX? The one that it has right now are stiff like metal :D Thanks for your help ;)