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  1. Join us Sunday 29th April @ Anglia Karting

    General Discussion
    All riders welcome from Road riders to Racers @ the Anglia Karting circuit in Norfolk on Sunday the 29th of april. The rack is challenging but boasts one of the largest dirt sections available for use on a supermoto. We are working really hard to provide you guys with as many weekend dates we...
  2. Supermoto Practice Anglia Karting Thurs 8th March

    Hiya guys those of you itching to get out are welcome to join us at anglia karting in Norfolk on the 8th. £45 if you book online now all moto's and skill levels welcome! See you there! http://www.motoxtremeevents.co.uk/supermoto-e-14.php?type=14
  3. Motocross Training and Bikehire Essex, Sufolk, Norfolk

    Off-Road / Enduro
    As some of you know Motoxtreme Events runs alot of supermoto events, but our routes actuall come from MX. We regularly run MX training days for riders of all standards from seasoned pro to absolute begginer. Our trainer Chris has over 25 years experience and has been very sucessful in his MX...
  4. Supermoto Trackday Anglia Karting, Norfolk. Sunday April 29th

    We will be hosting a supermoto trackday with both advanced and intermediate/novice groups at the Norfolk Anglia Karting circuit. This track does have a small dirt section that will be fully renewed and graded for us to use on the day. Camping will be available on saturday night at the circuit...
  5. Aragon Supermoto Trackday 24th - 27th Feb 2010 - Now booking

    Forum Ride-outs
    Hiya guys, We are taking deposits to secure places for riders interested in the above. The price, 450 includes: - Collection and delivery of your bike and kit from 1 of 4 collection points in the UK. - Flights to and from Spain and transfers. - Appartments for 3 nights (self catering)...
  6. Supermoto & Minimoto Trackday Thursday 10th November. Swaffam Norfolk

    Morning all... Just a reminder that we will be running an event this tursday at the Anglia Karting Center, Swaffam in Norfolk. Its a great little track, very technical but really reqarding to ride. Discount is applied to pre booked riders via the site or a little more for cash on the day...
  7. Ktm smr 450 for sale

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    We bought this to use as a rental bike a few months ago and have ridden it a few times. It runs and rides brilliantly. Bought from a forum member, its a 2007 bike previously owned by Chris Hodgeson. It has a suter slipper clutch, Magura brakes, 2 piece clutch cover, 14-16mm adjustable offset...
  8. Motocross MX bike hire training day - Sunday 30th October Rushmere Ipswich

    Evening all, Im running an MX day at Rushmere in Ipswich next sunday. All our rentals will be there so we have a few seats spare. Anyone wanting to try MX for the first time this is a great chance for you, Rushmere is a great begginers track and has a novice, inter and pro circuit. Its got...
  9. All Star Supermoto Trackday

    General Discussion
    Ok... Would you guys get out of bed to ride with the likes of Gino Rea (world supersport rider) and James Ellison (Ex moto gp, WSB, BSB) and current world supersport riders? .... Just judging interest atm
  10. Anglia Supermoto Trackday Dates!

    Ok guys, as some of you know I am up and down the UK over the next few weeks booking dates for next year. Yesterday I drove to Anglia Karing in Swaffam, Norfolk for a meeting and to have a wizz aroung their track. Its a technical circuit with a few different configurations, they also have a...
  11. Trackdays - How much? How oftern?

    How much and how often!? Ok so this month and next month I have looooooads of meetings with track owners to negotiate the dates for next year. BEFORE I go i'd like some feedback on the following... How many trackdays per month would you do if the venue was within 2 hours and cost between...
  12. Motoxtreme Events -site is now live -Supermoto Trackdays, Bike Hire and MX hire

    MotoXtreme Events | Supermoto Trackdays, Bike Hire and MX hire - MotoXtreme events was created as a way of helping owner/riders across the UK find regular venues to ride their machines, something that I havefound difficult as a Supermoto rider. It seemed that fewer and fewer track wouldoffer...