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  1. Mythical Routes 701 Rally Replica

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    As most Adventure Riders out there, we are in the hunt for the perfect all-round and do-it-all Adventure Bike. We currently built our version of that for the Mythical Routes Project. We wanted to move from our loved but too heavy for serious adventure (even single track) LC8 to the LC4...
  2. 2001 husqvarna te 610e

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    My new Husky what i won on Ebay from a auction on behalf of Hampshire constabulary. Had to go on a little road trip with keith-iow upto Tadley to go and get her. Now using my old 2001 Husqvarna TE 610E too make one out of the two. :rolleyes: Soon be back on the road :scooter:
  3. Washing The Husky

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    This is a good way to get the dirt off after a touch of off roading :burnout: Enjoy. YouTube - Washing the Husky
  4. Wheelies Onboard Husqvarna(HD movie)

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    HD Helmet Cam Onboard Husqvarna 610(Wheelies) Some wheelies onboard my husqvarna 610 sm. Local: Faro, Algarve-Portugal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNuw02jUQiM :burnout::burnout::burnout: