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  1. Stator Failure Question

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi KTMsville, I'm on a bit of a mission to find out if the problem I experienced this weekend is a common fault or not. I had six different blokes in the forest telling me that my stator had packed up when my 300EXC wouldn't start halfway through a trail ride event. Is this a common fault?
  2. Ignition timing issue & dead CDI

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hello there! Also greetings from Slovakia! (this forum easily said: rules the tech info :smokin:) So I want to ask you for advice, i have 520 EXC 2002 and this happened: One day, i was going on low RPMs and when i hit the throttle ...engine wasnt igniting. It was not starting, but when i put my...
  3. 690R Ignition Curve Select Switch Fitting

    I've just acquired an immaculate, extremely low mileage 2011 690 Enduro R with the intention of getting into rallying after 20+ years in trials. Since this is my first experience with a big-bore 4-stroke let alone one with EFI etc. (although I did own a DRZ for a while) I'm trying to be very...
  4. Wiring in heated grips into the ignition. Problem

    General Discussion
    OK. Today I tried to wire in a relay to the numberplate light on my KTM 125 DUKE. I connected the wire as follows; 30 to the battery 87 to the grips positive. The grip negative to the battery negative. 86 spliced into the numberplate positive. 85 spliced into the numberplate negative. I then...
  5. ignition lock jammed

    The lock on my 990 adventure is jammed. The key would not go into ignition at all. I sprayed in some WD40 and managed to get the key in. The bike will start but there is some resistance removing the key. I've not tried to use any force yet because I want to be able to ride the bike home. It may...