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    HALVARSSONS PRIME JACKET Now on ebay auction Eur size 48 (UK38) £250 including postage uk only or collect. Black and ivory. Used regularly for 1 year and in good condition. All zips and closures work properly. I have just washed with Nikwax Tecwash and reprofed the DWR with Nikwax TXdirect...
  2. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Anyone in the market for a KTM Powerwear Enduro /Touring protective Jacket? This is the £235 proper version and of excellent quality. I have just put it up on eBay. As always, discount for forum members. Take at look at it on my eBay, and if interested just drop me a message on here. Here...
  3. Bikes and Bits for sale
    Have just put this on ebay: KTM waterproof jacket mx motocross enduro coat racing mud size hard equipment | eBay [/IMG] will let the auction run, so no BIN price in case people were going to ask