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ktm 250 exc

  1. Ktm excf 250

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I should be gettingmy a2 licence shortly this month. Could anyone tell me the power output on the Ktm 250 exc and excf, as I was looking at the exc 200 but would rather go for something more modern? I am eligible to drive up to 35kw (47bhp). I know the exc 250 is about 37kw, but...
  2. KTM 150 EXC or 250 EXC A2 Licence

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Read a bit about KTM 250 EXC insurance, I don't really care about riding "illegally" but will i be able to get insurance on the bike without hassle? And if not is they a way I can restrict the bike but have it in a place where I can easily take the restriction out and put it back in if i was...
  3. ktm 250 exc

    Off-Road / Enduro
    new to the enduro game coming from motocross. got a 250 2012 going cheap so got it to give it a go. must say I'm really enjoying it. got a ktm 250 sx for the motocross but with the 300 kit on. basically just wondering if the 300 kit will fit onto the exc. I'm aware you can buy a 300 exc kit...
  4. So I fancy a bit of a change..

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I've fancied a change for a while so I'm in the process of selling my Yamaha R1 and getting into greenlaning/riding around a field lol I'm 27 with no previous experience of dirt bikes. I'm a complete novice. So far I've been looking at the KTM 250 EXC? I'm 5'10 and 15 stone so...