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  1. Crash bobbins for KTM 125-390

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    Not sure if you saw latest release by Bagoros Performance - The Crash Bobbins. Link: Crash Bobbins for KTM DUKE 125 / 250 / 390 Let me know what you think about the design, crash bobbins as a protection parts, thoghts?:cool:
  2. Ktm duke 125 2019

    KTM 125/200 RC's and Duke's
    hi I am the second owner of a ktm duke 125cc 2019, the owner before me has serviced the bike himself and not at ktm, which I didn't know would void the warranty, the bike has only done 1800miles and I'm having trouble with the gears if I ride the bike for longer than 20 mins the bike will get...
  3. Loss off power

    General Discussion
    Hello, so i have a ktm duke 125cc 2012, after replacing the piston and cleaning up valves etc, i collected the bike in order and connected the wires just as it was before and after starting it and driving i noticed a loss off power and a dark humbling tone ish coming from the exhaust, like it’s...
  4. KTM Duke 125 cc for Sale

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    The bike is mint condition both mechanically and aesthetically. It's never been dropped or in a accident of any sort.I haven't spared a penny when it has come to maintaining this bike, whatever its needed it's received. The bike has a few extras, these are:- KTM Power-Parts aluminum exhaust New...
  5. KTM DUKE 125 De-Restricted! Opinions???

    General Discussion
    Hi All! As some of you know I am fairly new to this forum. I have been finding ways to boost the performance of my KTM Duke 125. So far I have upgraded the air filter to a K&N Panel filter, also the exhaust from stock to PipeWerx 300mm-100mm Stainless steel. I have been looking on Youtube at...
  6. How do you remove a spark plug from a KTM Duke 125?

    General Discussion
    I think the spark plug is causing my bike to splutter as the revs increase beyond 4k. It doesn't splutter in 1st gear, but as soon as your above 5k revs in 2nd (24mph+) it splutters like crazy. I think the spark plug is loose/not firing properly but their is nothing in the manual that says how...
  7. Hi all, new rider here.

    hi folks, have been a stalker on here for a while. My name is Benn and im based in horsham, west sussex. Im 19.. 20 in 11 days :) when i turned 16 i got myself a little reiju rs2 then some idiot wrote it off on xmas eve... not a fun xmas in A&E. I got myself a ped after that till i turned 17...