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ktm300 exc

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    I put my brother's pre mixed petrol straight in to the tank of my 300 tpi as he mixed up the fuel cans. ever since it starts up and cuts straight out. Any ideas please on what I could do to solve the problem please guys?
  2. General Discussion
    Hi I'm after a bit of advice I have seen a KTM 300 TPi for sale but the owner says the bike starts and cuts straight out since He put petrol in tank and the battery died. He's adamant it's an easy fix. What's your thoughts in this please
  3. General Discussion
    Hi everyone! I recently bought a new crown wheel e-starter for my Ktm 300 exc 2011 reg. when I received the part smaller “gear” actually about 3mm bigger than the one that’s on my bike. I checked with Fowler’s and they checked with KTM and apparently the part number is correct (55140022100) and...
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    hi yal just got me pass on here,so cant wait to join in!! chris