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  1. fairing change plz helppp

    hi guys. I own a ktm lc4 640 2001 enduro model and and two weeks ago i made a total rebuild of my engine(piston bearings...). So now i am more focused on how to make my love look way more beautiful and i thought, why dont i change my enduro old fairing with the 2005 fairing which looks way...
  2. KTM LC4 640 Prestige Breaking

    KTM on eBay
    LC4 640 Prestige. 13k miles. (I think) V5 present. PM me for prices and pictures. It is on ebay. Item number:222126339570
  3. 690 smc stalls at lights, new map / suggested map?

    Hi guys, New to the forums so, hey, I'm kyle, I gave a smc 690 2008 model which I bought friday. So here's the problem, ridden it around for the day and it stalled a few times, me thinking I was doing something wrong ignored it and believed I was not used to the (super light) clutch lever...
  4. lc4 640 mx tyres?

    hello to all, i got a 2004 lc4 640 sm. its on road tyres. could anyone that has gor mx tyres on their lc4 drop a link or where i could get myself some mx rims and tyres to fit my bike big thanks :)
  5. KTM 660 SMC minor issues

    Hi guys Having some minor rough running issues with my 660. Started with the auto decomp ticking last year on idle and after having replaced that i was hoping for the ticking to stop but it has not. It is better than it was but still not 100% Starting it up is perfect normally first kick and...
  6. 2006 LC4 640 Prestige Exhaust + Other Bits

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    I'm after a pair of cans for my 2006 LC4 640 Prestige. Anything considered. I am rebuilding the bike after it developed a bottom end knock. I ve decided to give the bike a good going over and will be doing a lot of work to it. I could also be tempted to buy the following: New Piston...
  7. Tank needed 2005 LC4 adventure

    I need a tank, for my 2005 adventure, one that holds petrol would be a plus, would love to find a Rally Tank (any condition 585. any leads welcome - the season for travel is upon me and i have a leaky tank. It has split, under the seat on the left side post a head on collision...
  8. LC4 plastic skid plate - how do you fit it?

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I couple of weeks ago I picked up a KTM plastic skid plate to put on my 660SMC. I've been offering it up and wondering about how it might attach to the underside of the engine but I can't see any corresponding mounting points on the bike. The skid plate has 2 half-moon shaped blocks...
  9. Bits of metal in oil.....oh no...

    So my 640 is in for its service and a few other things (including my new set of graphics from Crispy :D), as my oil was dropped my mate noticed some small metal bits, about 5 or 6, ranging from 1mm to about 4mm, the engine runs smooth, but recently i had a bit of a faf with the clutch cable...
  10. lc4 gearbox compatibility

    hi guys. i'm looking for a gearbox for my 04 duke. at the moment on ebay theres only gearboxs from similar years 625's and 660's and also an 08 690. ive read the engine changed dramaticaly in 08 so im not holding out hope for that one, but are most of them interchangeable?i understand i'll lose...
  11. Nearly new Avon Distanzia tyre pair - off KTM 640 LC4 SM

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi folks I have a pair of Avon Distanzia tyres for sale. Purchased for £200 approx. 1 month ago for my KTM 640 LC4 SM, but have got the off-road bug, I have now fitted a pair of Conti Twin Duro's. They have covered no more than 100 miles, more like 50 as I've only been out on them twice...
  12. LC4 640 Intake Rocker Arm FAIL!

    I've read the horror stories and now it’s happened to me :frown: Out for a ride the other day when I noticed the engine getting a bit tappety. Started riding home, then lost a load of power. Got it back to my garage, took the rocker covers off to give them a check. I could have fitted all of my...
  13. LC4 Supermoto Wanted

    My brother's after a KTM SM - 640 LC4 or a 625 SMC, pref orange or black, '03 - '05 for about £2.5k - anyone know of any? Cheers!
  14. 2 Pairs of Folding Mirrors

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    For Sale 2 Pairs of moto science Folding Mirrors. Brand New, never used. Ideal for on road or off road use. 1 pair of 243mm Perch Mount (10mmx1.25mm) 0097 - SOLD 1 Pair of 280mm Perch Mount (10mmx1.25mm) 0097 - SOLD These cost around $90 (£55) a pair to post from USA £40 a pair posted or...
  15. Rekluse on a 640 Adv?

    Anyone fitted a Rekluse clutch to a 640 Adventure? According to the Rekluse website (unless I'm blind) they don't list it as an option, however, the UK imported, Cisport does list it: https://www.cisport.co.uk/Product-Items/pg_rek_kt_lc4/LC4,-400-625-64... So assuming it CAN be done.. any...
  16. KTM Graphics for LC4 625 640 660 - Red Bull / Akrapovic

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    KTM Graphics for LC4 625 640 660 - Red Bull / Akrapovic £80 posted...
  17. LC4 Has decided to stop starting, what could be the prob?

    Hi Guys, My beloved duke has decided to stop working. On the ride home i stopped at a shop, came back to start it and when i turned the key the neutral light was feint,my lights didn't come on and i got nothing from the igition switch. When i turned the kill switch to the off position the...
  18. 2005+ 625 or 640 SMC wanted!

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    preferably the 625 but will look at 640s. post up here if ya got something :cool:
  19. 640 LC4 2005 - Electrics gone mad! Can anyone help?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to post, feel free to repost/redirect. Today I went to start engine I noticed the graphics on the dial fading and displaying random numbers/characters. It's like the battery was flat but I know it couldnt be, starter motor didnt 'bite' - after...
  20. Wanted KTM 625 / 690 SMC or 640 LC4

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Hi Folks, Looking for a clean no older than 2006 KTM 625 SMC or 690 SMC or a 640 LC4. Bike must be in good condition with low miles, will pay a fair price for the right bike.