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  1. Hepco & Becker Gobi Topbox + H&B "Easy Rack"

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Sold together not separate: £170 (exc postage) These retail for £285 + postage, which takes the price north of £300 1 ride old. Top Box comes with both keys and luggage tie-down rails "easy rack" is designed to any mounting plate, comes with all fittings (4 in total, only two shown in pic)...
  2. Giantloop Great Basin Saddlebag

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    ### sold ### I’ve always liked how a big Adventure bike looks with set of aluminium panniers. Soft luggage looked to me like a cheap compromise. Until Giant Loop that is. As soon as I’ve seen the first picture of a Great Basin I knew it just make sense. A 60l luggage that hugged the tail...
  3. Luggage for Superduke 990 (2008)

    I have a few camping trips coming up and I need to be able to carry all my gear on the bike. looked into Ventura Bike System but couldn't get it to fit because my Akrapovic pipes get in the way. can't use soft panniers as they would rest on the exhaust. tank bag don't look big enough and still...
  4. Rugged top box for 1190

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a top box with these things in mind - 1) Locks well/is secure 2) Fits 2 helmets 3) Is fairly hard wearing 4) Will be comfortable as a back rest for my girlfriend 5) looks as good as a top box can - I've got touratec panniers so to...
  5. Hard luggage & Non-standard exhaust 990 SMT (2009)

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    STILL Wanted. Slip-on or Bolt-on exhaust Akra, Wings or Leo Vince JCE, Fuel Let me know what you have and price you're advertising Thanks Chris
  6. Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers for sale

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    SOLD: Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers for sale I am selling a pair of seriously tough, Adventure Specs Magadan soft panniers that are in very good condition with no rips, tears, damage or any obvious signs of wear. The bags are complete with their internal roll top dry bag liners and are ready...
  7. 990 superduke tank bag

    Hi, My 990 SuperDuke tank bag is for sale on ebay.i'd like it to go to a good home. Item number 261981178414 Cheers, D4Duke
  8. Summer tour & 2up riding

    Hey all, I'm hoping you guys would be able to help me with a little dilemma. I currently have a zx6r but was looking to move up to something bigger in the next few months and make a trip through france. Since I made the plan to take this trip my girlfriend has said she'd like to come too...
  9. Long trips and luggage

    RC8 Superbike
    Hi, I'm an Adventure owner looking to change to the rc8. The adventure's a good bike but it now only ever sees tarmac so a road bike seems more appropriate. Off-roading is no longer (for me) a reason for owning the ADV because this amount of weight going wrong (very easily) is an easy broken...
  10. Ventura Bike-Pack System for RC8

    Bikes and Bits wanted
    Allo, I'm after a ventura bike-pack system for my RC8 so before I go and buy one new I thought I'd post on here in case anyone wants to sell me theirs.....