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  1. Revised maps / remaps? - TuneECU

    950/990 Supermoto
    (EDIT 24Jan2015....more questions below!) I've had a good look at the maps available both on the TuneECU website and the extensive list started by kevxtx on the ktmsmt forum but can't find anything suitable (maybe I should say I couldn't see anything suitable!).....for one thing I don't really...
  2. Duke 690 map questions

    i`ve a quick question about the map`s on this bike, i used to have a 660smc with akro system jetted air box etc and keeping the front wheel on the ground was the hard bit lol and i was hoping for the same again but after my first ride (new bike only done 17mile`s) and have to say it didnt pull...
  3. TuneECU cable for loan thread

    General Discussion
    I'm sure a lot of people out there need or a want a new fuel map/throttle cable adjust or just to hook up the laptop to check error messages etc, if you have a TuneECU cable you would like to loan out to help out a fellow member please add your details here...Area you live or can travel to...
  4. Mysterious FMF map?

    RC8 Superbike
    I have a 2011 rc8r with a FMF pipe, SAS delete, and o2 delete w/ the KTM Akro map. I bought the bike this way and it does not run very good. I ordered my tuneECU cable and was going to disable the o2's and SAS and reupload the Akro map. I was recommended on the State side forums to inquire...