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  1. How hard to do own map to 2011 990?

    I have just bought a 2011 990 Dakar model. It has akrapovic's fitted and I can only assume hasn't been mapped. Speaking to the seller this seems to be the case. My question is how hard is it to actually install the map? With the correct cables (not expensive at all) and a quick review on...
  2. 690 smc stalls at lights, new map / suggested map?

    Hi guys, New to the forums so, hey, I'm kyle, I gave a smc 690 2008 model which I bought friday. So here's the problem, ridden it around for the day and it stalled a few times, me thinking I was doing something wrong ignored it and believed I was not used to the (super light) clutch lever...
  3. Revised maps / remaps? - TuneECU

    950/990 Supermoto
    (EDIT 24Jan2015....more questions below!) I've had a good look at the maps available both on the TuneECU website and the extensive list started by kevxtx on the ktmsmt forum but can't find anything suitable (maybe I should say I couldn't see anything suitable!).....for one thing I don't really...
  4. 2014 Ktm 690r Enduro Map and exhaust options

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Well mine arrives next month but i dont know what to do about the exhaust and map, i have a wings end can off my old 2012 smcr and i want to put that on but there is no akro map yet or even tuneecu (not like i would have any idea how to use it but if that was the only option then i would learn...
  5. Mysterious FMF map?

    RC8 Superbike
    I have a 2011 rc8r with a FMF pipe, SAS delete, and o2 delete w/ the KTM Akro map. I bought the bike this way and it does not run very good. I ordered my tuneECU cable and was going to disable the o2's and SAS and reupload the Akro map. I was recommended on the State side forums to inquire...
  6. 2012 690 DUKE Mappings

    General Discussion
    Maybe some one can help me here. As you know the Duke has 3 engine mappings. I cannot find anywhere what effect these actually have in technical or subjective terms. All I can get out of the press is a recommendation to stick with 'standard'. I can give a notion of what standard and 'sport?'...