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  1. Adventure
    Dear all Just putting the finishing touches to our trip to Morocco at the end of the month. Having re-read Chris Scott's book I am now re-thinking the route. Original plan (A): MH1 south (Cirque du Jaffar) to MH5 south Potential plan - B: MH1 south to end and then go north on MH2 to...
  2. Adventure
    So, following on from Gordo's thread, is anyone interested in doing a trip to Morocco next year? I'm keen, can take longer periods off work if I have suitable notice April or September seems to be the preferred dates. I'm good for either Would people prefer to wing it, camping etc or go with...
  3. Adventure
    Hello Peeps, I'm headed back to Morocco in September for 10 days. I've just booked the bike to go with http://www.biketruck.com/ to Malaga. Dates are as per the website. Anyone else up for this? Open invite, plenty of spaces. I have a route planned entering at Nador and going down the east...
  4. Adventure
    Hi All, Well, after many false starts and hicups in the weather, warranty problems that "Avuss" sorted in jig time. I´vé eventualy left Scotland with the hope of making Dakar in Senegal. I´ve taken some photo´s and will be posting these later. But the bar at the hotel (Ibis in Salamanca) is...
1-4 of 4 Results