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  1. Free turn-by-turn navigation android app (alternative to MyRide)

    General Discussion
    posted this in the Superduke section as that's my particular KTM interest but thought I should repost here so all and sundry can see...
  2. 2018 My Ride App and Integration

    Hi All Just got a new 2018 1290 Super Adv S along with the new My Ride app on an Android phone. Got a couple of issues which I'm hoping other people may have experienced or resolved. I've paired the phone to the bike dashboard and paired my Sena 10R to the Rider profile in the dashboard all...
  3. My Ride crackle on calls?

    Hi 1290 KTM Superduke 2017. I connect my Sena ans iPhone 7 to dash. Music sounds great however all calls in or out no matter what location seem to crackle in the background. AS if im sitting next to a hairdryer thats interfearing with my call quality. Ive re-set and paired numerous times. Calls...