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  1. New to the forum YOUTUBER

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I have just bought a KTM which I will be fully revealing on my youtube channel soon. Just thought I would sign up on here as I am looking to do many new things to my bike. I do have a few questions too but will ask once my reveal is done. Thanks for having me on here and please...
  2. Hello all

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, my names Simon. I'm 17 and I ride a ktm125exc in supermotos, joined this because there's not a lot on Ktm 125exc's and I love mine. So just want to show everyone that the 125exc is a good bike, and good supermoto
  3. Hey muchachos~ Whats up?? 640 Adv

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Just thought to say hi and just share the big smile my new ktm 640 adventure gave me! Bought the bike last saturday from Colchester and havent stop driving until today. Essex, Oxfordshire, South Downs National Park, all superb!! I logged 2 days off sick from work after the bank...
  4. Hello, new Duke 200 owner.

    General Discussion
    Hi all, picked my Duke 200 up from Craig's Motorcycles in Dewsbury yesterday. Loving it so far. Just posting to say hello. It's my first bike and I'm happy with it at the moment. Are there many other 200 owners on here? Also I'm from Bury near Manchester, anybody local? Anyway the important...
  5. So I fancy a bit of a change..

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I've fancied a change for a while so I'm in the process of selling my Yamaha R1 and getting into greenlaning/riding around a field lol I'm 27 with no previous experience of dirt bikes. I'm a complete novice. So far I've been looking at the KTM 250 EXC? I'm 5'10 and 15 stone so...