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  1. Hello, new Duke 200 owner.

    General Discussion
    Hi all, picked my Duke 200 up from Craig's Motorcycles in Dewsbury yesterday. Loving it so far. Just posting to say hello. It's my first bike and I'm happy with it at the moment. Are there many other 200 owners on here? Also I'm from Bury near Manchester, anybody local? Anyway the important...
  2. Hi all, new rider here.

    hi folks, have been a stalker on here for a while. My name is Benn and im based in horsham, west sussex. Im 19.. 20 in 11 days :) when i turned 16 i got myself a little reiju rs2 then some idiot wrote it off on xmas eve... not a fun xmas in A&E. I got myself a ped after that till i turned 17...