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  1. EXC205F 2009 Engine

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Hi all. Recently my 2009 EXC250F dropped a valve which is now lodged in the cyclinder head. I am looking to see if anyone has a like engine or possibly bigger for sale. No probs if gearbox issues as long as the top end is all good. KTM parts priced me out of repair option. Cheers Pete
  2. KTM SX250 (2001) for sale

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    Hi, I am selling a KTM SX250 in Gloucester.. It's a 2001 model. I don't know much about the bike as I got it from a mate just to try and make a few quid. If anyone has any interest please message me and I will send more details and photos. I'm asking £1350 but am open to offers. 07539731751
  3. Ship your KTM to Bulgaria for the Ultimate off road holiday

    New Member Introductions
    Hello. I'm not sure this is allowed so please delete if its in anyway inappropriate. Hopefully it is of interest to some of your forum users as its a pretty unique offer. We offer Off road bike only tours in Bulgaria. We ship YOUR OWN BIKE to Bulgaria for the Ultimate off road experience...
  4. Wednesday June 11th - 7:30PM ROW Training Session Herts & N London TRF

    Get Togethers
    Wednesday June 11th - 7:30PM ROW Training Session Shire Park Social Club Welwyn Garden City Nearest Post Code AL7 1GB next to Tesco HQ on the Shire Industrial Park. Repeat of the highly successful ROW training session from the December AGM where over 50 riders were trained on where to...
  5. Improve your riding – Training Herts & North London TRF Wednesday May 14th 7:30PM

    Get Togethers
    Improve your riding – Training Herts & North London TRF Wednesday May 14th 7:30PM Herts & North London TRF Wednesday May 14th 7:30PM Wednesday May 14th - 7:30PM Improve your riding - Training night A review of the major training providers in the UK and the framework that the TRF uses...
  6. 2 Pairs of Folding Mirrors

    Bikes and Bits for sale
    For Sale 2 Pairs of moto science Folding Mirrors. Brand New, never used. Ideal for on road or off road use. 1 pair of 243mm Perch Mount (10mmx1.25mm) 0097 - SOLD 1 Pair of 280mm Perch Mount (10mmx1.25mm) 0097 - SOLD These cost around $90 (£55) a pair to post from USA £40 a pair posted or...
  7. Riding force, 15/16th Sept. Salisbury Plain

    motocraft Off rd event for big bikes and enduro alike. Course set using 990 adv Just in case you missed it.... Check out blue light off road clubs event on Salisbury plain 15/16th Sept...Riding Force. 60km navigation ex followed by 3 hr enduro course on driver training area... This event runs...
  8. Riding Force, Salisbury Plain Sept 15/16th

    Sept 15/16th Blue light off road club will be running their first "Riding force" off road Navigation rally on Salisbury Plains Varied Terrain in Wiltshire. the event is for Road Legal Off-road motorcycles and will be part Navigation, (by Road book ) 50 to 60 km. Dont worry if you have not used a...
  9. any one in leicester area?

    Off-Road / Enduro
    hello friends i recently got a 520sx , any one local in leicester for rides? and does anyone know were i best go for a ride in the area? cheers
  10. Mooses.

    Off-Road / Enduro
    Yo people, how long can you leave mooses in a tyre, they are well lubed with the proper stuff. I am using them for my off road tour Taurus Trax here in Turkey so its bloody hot. I normally do about 100 miles per day and a tour is 5 days. I am thinking I should take them out at the end of a...
  11. Cambridgeshire Adventure

    A select group of... what's the collective name for a group of KTM Forum members...? Anyway, Dave Jones, Sproot and I went to play on some byways in Western Cambridgeshire. Unfortunately one of the byways, the most fun one, was closed, but there was enough on offer elsewhere to keep us amused...